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Canadian Public Holidays of 2023

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Updated on January 22, 2024
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Holidays are a great time to recap with the family, have some time to yourself, or even try a few things unhurriedly. Canadians are known to go all out when celebrating such occasions, regardless of the year’s season.

If you are new in the country and would like to see what you’re signing up for as far as holidays in Canada 2023 are concerned, here are the holidays you expect to participate in all year round.

We recommend reading our new article about the 2024 holidays in Canada where you will find all the updated dates for this new year.

Canadian Public Holidays of 2023

Types Of Holidays in Canada

While there are plenty of holidays in Canada, they fall under three specific categories. These are national, regional, and statutory holidays. A national holiday is a legislative holiday declared by the federal system, not the state or municipal government, while regional holidays are legislative holidays established by provincial governments. Usually, these holidays are monumental in celebrating state and provincial achievements. On the other hand, statutory holidays are specific days off from work used for pleasure, particularly on which custom forbids conducting regular business in honor of particular occasions.

Why it is Essential to Know About Canadian Public Holidays

Keeping a record of public holidays is essential for every person residing in Canada. Aside from being an easy way to stay abreast with the country’s history, you also get to ascertain that you don’t miss out on any of these special days. Staying informed about the public Canadian holidays 2023 keeps you in sync with the Canadian calendar, allowing you to enjoy moments with friends and family. Aside from this, there are tax benefits that come with knowing holidays.

Several times throughout the year, particular forms or returns must be submitted. The CRA acknowledges the receipt of your money if you send it on or before the next business day if the due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or a CRA-recognized public holiday.

Regional and National Holidays

Patriotic Canadians always celebrate regional and national holidays in remembrance of days or heroes that are monumental to the country’s history, especially when it comes to gaining independence. Major Canada holidays 2023 you may want to keep marked in your calendar include:

  • New Year’s Day – January 1st (Government contact centers stay closed on the 3rd in lieu of this celebration)
  • Good Friday – April 7 – Dependent on the catholic calendar
  • Easter Monday – April 10 – Dependent on the catholic calendar
  • Victoria Day – May 22rd
  • National Patriot’s Day – May 23rd
  • National Indigenous People’s Day – June 21st
  • St. Jean Baptiste Day – June 24th
  • June Day – June 27th (in some areas)
  • Canada Day – July 1st
  • Civic Day – August 7st
  • National Day for Truth and Reconciliation – September 30th
  • Thanksgiving Day – October 9th
  • Remembrance Day – November 11th
  • Christmas Day – December 25th
  • Boxing Day – December 26th

Bridge Holidays and Moved Holidays

A bridge holiday is announced if a holiday falls on a Thursday or Friday or is near another holiday. This will serve as a transition to the incoming holiday or weekend. While these are popular in certain places like Sweden, they aren’t available in Canada.

Even though bridge holidays are unheard of in Canada, residents can benefit when national holidays 2023 land on the weekend. If a holiday happens on a Saturday or Sunday, the government can declare the next working day to be a holiday, compensating for the celebration’s day that was coincidentally on the weekend.


Canada is a proud beholder of multiple holidays around the year. Citizens are entitled to these celebrations as long as the government documents them. Nevertheless, some people, such as government employees, may not celebrate some of these holidays on the exact dates. However, in such cases, their employers must provide a substitute day immediately after this Canada holiday 2023.

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