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How to Apply for A Health Card in Canada

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Updated on September 23, 2022
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Healthcare is necessary for every Canadian; the most cost-effective is the provincial health card. Every province has unique requirements and application processes that its members must complete to receive this document. Looking to get one of these health care cards? Here’s a breakdown of what you should do.

What to know before Applying your Health Card in Canada

What Is a Health Card?

A health card is a provincial provision that allows you to access healthcare facilities within your jurisdiction. And while this service is primarily the local government’s responsibility, the federal government chips in here and there to ensure it runs smoothly.

The care card accounts for most health services, including access to physicians, health professionals and general care in hospitals within the country. Prescription drugs also fall under this cover, but the coverage level varies from one province to the next. 

Who Can Apply for One?

Canadian citizens can apply for health care cards in their respective jurisdictions. However, non-citizens also have access to this service under the following conditions:

  • They must be permanent residents
  • Indigenous persons registered under the Indian Act
  • Applicants of the permanent residence status
  • Have specific temporary residence permits
  • Be present in a Canadian province on a valid work permit for a full-time job or the federal live-in caregiver program
  • Being a protected person
  • Being a member of the clergy ministering in Canada for over six months.

Requirements And Documentation Needed

When applying for the care card, you must have particular documents to ease the application process. Each local government asks for specific requirements, but the basics are constant. You must have proof of citizenship or hold permanent and temporary visa documentation.

A visitor visa and a valid work permit are viable documents for this application. A Canadian passport, proof of residency, driver’s license, monthly bank statements, employer record, school report card or transcripts, and other documents as requested by the provincial health department.

Where And How to Apply

Most local governments provide three application options for individuals who want to apply for a care card. Techy savvy persons can make use of the online application options. You must, however, have an account to facilitate this process. If you opt for this version, ensure you have all the required documents in soft copy. You can also visit your province’s offices, apply for this document in person, and carry all the necessary documents. There’s a mailing option available to applicants who’d love to take their time when applying for a health card. However, you must check for the respective address depending on your state.

What Next After You Apply

The application takes a couple of weeks to process, but if you’d like to know how far along the team is with processing yours, there are three options you can utilize. You can log into your account on the health ministry’s website and keep tabs on the process.

You can also call the health care department on the official toll-free contact number or visit their offices for more information. Remember to have a reference number to help make the inquiry smooth.

If you lose your health card or get robbed, you should notify the relevant authorities immediately. Also, apply for a replacement immediately after to access medical services.

Cost, Validity, And Processing Time

Application for a health card is free, and your provincial health ministry will mail it to you once it is ready. It takes about four weeks to process individual care card applications, and this document is valid for four to eight years. However, Canadian newcomers will receive their first card, valid for a year, and after applying for a replacement, they’ll have access to one that’s valid for longer.

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