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How to Sponsor Your Partner or Spouse

By IntFormalities
Published on July 14, 2022
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Sponsorship is the act of giving your family members a chance to relocate to Canada through family ties recommendations. When you sponsor your spouse or partner, you have a legal obligation to provide for their basic needs until they find a source of income. It’s your responsibility to ensure they do not require social assistance from the governments when you choose to sponsor them.

This program helps reunite families or spouses who live in different countries. It minimizes the process of applying for citizenship or a residence permit if your partner is a foreigner.

Requirements And Documents Needed

The sponsor and sponsee must send their applications to the immigration office for approval. Therefore, each has to provide separate documents to complete the sponsorship application process.

 As a sponsor, you must provide:

  • Certified copies of documents that aren’t in English, plus the original copy;
  • Police certificates (If you aren’t Canadians, you must provide all police certificates from countries you’ve lived in for at least six months);
  • Sponsorship agreement and undertaking (IMM 1344);
  • Sponsorship evaluation and relationship questionnaire (IMM 5532);
  • Financial evaluation (IMM 1283);
  • Use of a representative (IMM 5476) if you will be using a representative;
  • Identification documents for proof of permanent residency or citizenship.

If you are being sponsored you must provide the following document:

  • Sponsorship agreement and undertaking (IMM 1344);
  • Sponsorship evaluation and relationship questionnaire (IMM 5532);
  • Generic application form for Canada;
  • Schedule A – Background/ Declaration (eIMM 5669);
  • Additional family information (IMM 5406);
  • Use of a representative (IMM 5476) if you will be using a representative;
  • Language test results;
  • Police certificates;
  • Identification documents.

Where and How To Do It

There are three options to utilize when applying for Canadian sponsorship. The mail application method lets you apply for sponsorship physically and then mail the application package to the immigration office. You can also apply via visa application centers and use courier services to send the package.

Finally, there’s an online application option for people outside of Canada. This variation lets you apply for sponsorship wherever you are and send it electronically to the immigration department’s email. 

You can also apply from abroad. However, applying from abroad leaves one quick mailing option at your disposal: the electronic one. You should check the immigration website for more information about the application details if you want to use courier services to mail your package from abroad.

What Happens After You Apply?

Once you send your application online, you will receive a notification message in your account indicating the application has been received. If you use the paper application options, you can track your package using courier services.

If you opt to mail your package to the immigration office, you will receive a confirmation message once the office ascertains you have included everything required. To track the progress, you can check your linked account for notifications to find out how long you will wait before your application is successful.

If your application is successful, you can travel freely in and out of Canada as long as your documents are valid. After your approval, you will receive:

  • A confirmation of permanent residence that ascertains you are a Canadian permanent resident;
  • A permanent resident visa.

Cost, validity, and processing time

The sponsorship fee is $75, while the principal applicant processing fee is $490. You also pay $85 to cater for the biometrics. However, if you include the right of permanent residence in your application, you pay an extra $515 for the application fee.The validity of a spousal sponsorship is three years, so you should consult the immigration office for information on what to do if your sponsorship expires. Depending on multiple variables, the processing time can be between one and eight weeks.

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