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Applying For A Work Permit in Canada

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Updated on May 16, 2023
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Working in a foreign country requires you to have a permit allowing you to seek employment within its airspace. Without this document, it is illegal to work for any organization in Canada. Not only do you risk being persecuted, but there’s also a high chance you will be deported after finishing your sentence and get blacklisted from ever entering Canada.

What Is A Work Permit?

A work permit is a legal document issued by the immigration office, allowing foreigners to live and work in Canada for a particular period. This permit comes in handy when you receive a job offer from a company in Canada but are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Moving to Canada for work purposes benefits individuals looking for better employment opportunities with appealing payment offers. Other prominent perks of living and working in Canada include:

  • Multiple job options;
  • Shorter working hours;
  • Better pay;
  • Appealing health care benefits;
  • Paid and longer vacations;
  • Access to excellent education institutions;
  • Sponsored education options.

Types of Available Work Permits

There are two major work permits available to foreigners. These are employer-specific and open work permits. The employer-specific work permit is a document allowing you to work in Canada for particular employers, in a specific location, and for a set time.

On the other hand, an open work permit allows you to work for any employer in Canada except those who haven’t complied with governmental regulations regarding employment laws. Open permits also restrict foreigners from working in companies that offer strip teases, ap dances, erotic massages, and escort services.

Requirements and Documentation Needed

It’s vital to note that applicants only begin the application process once they have an employment letter from the employer. Once you have this letter, you should follow this up with:

  • An application for a work permit made outside Canada (IMM 1295);
  • Family information form (IMM 5707);
  • Statutory declaration of common-law union (IMM 5409);
  • Use of a representative (IMM 5476);
  • Authority to release personal information to a designated individual (IMM 5475);
  • A copy of your travel document;
  • Two passport-sized photos;
  • Proof of your current immigration status;
  • A copy of your marriage certificate;
  • Guarantee you meet the job requirements;
  • A copy of the labor market assessment;
  • Police clearance certificate.

Where, When and How To Apply for a Canadian Work Permit

You can apply for this permit outside Canada, inside Canada, or at the port entry. If you are not a permanent resident, you must apply online. Ensure you go through the document checklist to ascertain you have everything you need before commencing the application process.

If you are already in Canada, you can do this online, at the port border, or visit the immigration office for in-person applications.

Application for this permit should begin as soon as you have the employment letter. You should only apply if you meet the recommended criteria. The immigration department offers a questionnaire that helps you determine if you meet the qualifications for a work permit.

What Happens After You Apply

After the application, you should apply for your biometrics appointment to avoid delays. Your application will go through a thorough inspection to ascertain you attached all necessary documents and filled out all the forms. You can track your permit’s progress on the progress portal.

Once your application is approved, you will receive a valid work permit indicating the work you can do, employers you can work for, where you can work, and your permit’s duration. You must have a visa to enter the country temporarily or permanently. Note that you will receive your work permit on arrival. However, you will receive a notification indicating the success or failure of the application.

Cost, Processing Time, Validity

It costs at least $155 to apply for a single work permit in Canada. However, if you’re coming in groups, the price goes up depending on the number of people. The immigration office handles each case differently depending on the situation, making it challenging to give exact time frames for processing the documents. But, this time calculator can give you an overview of how long you will have to wait before receiving the permit. Work permits are valid for one to nine years, depending on the country of origin and employment contracts. However, these can be extended when necessary.

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