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How to Change your Address

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Updated on July 1, 2022
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The process of changing your address may vary depending on the organization you are addressing. The Canadian government should be a priority when changing your address, and there are a few procedural guidelines on how to change your address.

There are four central governmental agencies with whom you need to change your address with:

The primary governmental body to inform on address change is the Canadian Revenue Agency. When moving, you must make an address change with the Canadian government through the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency).

Who should notify the CRA of an address change?

Anyone who earns revenue in Canada must ensure that the Canadian Revenue Authority has its updated address. It’s important to change your address in order to evade delays or disruptions in payments in case you’re the receiver of any social benefits

Where and how to apply for an address change with the CRA

There are four procedures you can choose from when making your address change with the CRA:

Online, via the CR My Account service

If you do not have an account already, registration is free. Note that there is information required when creating a new account, some of which is only included on an individual’s annual tax return. 

So, who can change their address online?

  • Anyone whose Address is in Canada
  • Anyone whose case is currently being processed within Canada?
  • You have moved in already or will move within three weeks. 

You must also have any of the following:

  • An application for permanent residence within Canada.
  • Applied for your perm resident card.
  • Applied to resume or renounce Canadian citizenship or,
  • Applied for proof of Canadian citizenship, such as a citizenship certificate or,
  • Applied for Canadian residency as an adoptee of a Canadian resident or for yourself.
  • Have sponsored a member of the family. 

Note that if you have more than one dependent, you must have a separate change of address for every dependent.

Do not use the ‘change of address’ online platform if you have just recently immigrated to Canada and want to give your new address to the CRA in order to receive your permanent residence card. 

Instead, use the Address Notification service to complete your application.

Through a phone call

Call the number 1-800-959-8281, and an agent will guide you through the process of updating your address. Take note of the following things before making a call:

  • Your name;
  • Date of birth;
  • Your social insurance number;
  • The details from your most recent assessed return, your account, notice of reassessment, assessment, or any other tax document.

Fax or Mail 

You can fax or email any of the following documents to the local tax center:

  • A signed letter containing your social insurance number, new address, and moving date.
  • A completed address change request form (the RC325).

Note: Your annual tax return also gives you an opportunity to update your new address. Once you fill it in, the new address is automatically updated on your file.


Changing your address with the CRA is a free service. You are not required to pay to register an account online, nor for any changes made through the other options provided. 

Once you have sent out the information through any of the means above, you can wait five business days for the change to update.


When changing your address through the CRA, you’ll notice that the address associated with your SIN (Social Insurance Number) automatically updates. The validity of your address depends on whether you make any further changes in the future.

Note that the CRA does not share the details of your address change with any other government department or agency. You, therefore, need to contact any government body that needs an update on your new address.

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