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Proof of Address: Documents Accepted in Canada

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Updated on September 15, 2022
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Proof of address refers to any original document which verifies a person’s name and the address where they claim to live. The address shown must be that of their home and not of a secondary residence where they go on vacation.

It is not necessary to own your place of residence to prove your address. It can be a place you rent or share with family or friends, but your name must appear on the document. Let’s take a look at the type of documents that can be used as proof of residence in Canada.

Proof of address

What official documents serve as proof of address?

Unfortunately, not all documents count as proof of residency. To be acceptable, they need to be issued by a government, a renowned institution, organization, company, or someone like a landlord or employer. Utility bills are the easiest way to prove your address, but you can also get address proof without bills. Here is a list of some of the official documents that can be used to show you are a permanent or temporary resident in Canada:

Other documents that can also be used:

This is a non-extensive list. You should always check what documents are accepetable with the authority requesting the proof of address.

Why is it important to prove my address?

It is essential to be able to prove a place of residence because it will help you:

* Official identification documents

Remember that it is essential to be able to prove your identity too, so you should carry one of these documents with you at all times:

Validity of documents

In general, the proof of address must be less than 3 months old to be valid. However, some institutions or organizations may request that it should be less than two months old. Always check with the authorities in charge how old the documents can be for your own peace of mind.

To be legally accepted, the Canadian proof of address must be fully computerized, as if any information looks to have been added to it, the document would not be valid. Envelopes are not acceptable forms of address proof.

And one last thing…

You can also check the following official list of acceptable documents provided by the government of Quebec. We hope the information we compiled was useful and we wish you the best of luck with your administrative procedures.

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