Documents accepted as Proof of Address in Canada

The domicile or residence is the place where a person lives alone or with his or her family and where he or she can carry out his or her activities. This home is different from a secondary residence where the person comes for short vacation periods.

The proof of address can be any document proving the address that the person claims to live in regularly. You can be owner or renter of your place of residence, but even if you are co-renting, your name must appear on the proof of residence.

To be valid, the proof of address must be less than 3 months old, though it could be requested for a particular procedure or from a specific institution that the document is less than two months old.

To be legally accepted, the Canadian proof of address cannot be handwritten, but it must be fully computerized, and no manual information can be added to it, as this would invalidate it.

What documents serve as proof of address?

One of the following original documents may be presented as proof that you are a permanent or temporary resident in a Canadian domicile:

  • Bank statement
  • Car insurance
  • Tax invoice from local authority
  • Water or electricity invoices
  • Home phone or cell phone invoices
  • Original mortgage statement

Other documents that can also be used:

Why is it important to prove my address?

It is essential to be able to prove a place of residence since:

  • With a proof of residence, you prove that you live legally in Canada and that you respect the country’s laws
  • A proof of address is required to obtain official documents or carry out administrative procedures such as: opening a bank account, getting a driver’s license, requesting a passport, etc.

* Official identification documents

In another closely-related subject, we remind you that it is important to always be able to prove your identity, so you should carry one of these documents with you at all times:

  • Driver’s license
  • ID Card
  • Passport
  • Military identification card
  • Student identification card

We hope this information was useful!

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